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Tips for Booking Car Transport in the Peak Auto Shipping Season

Strong Demand for Auto Shipping at The End of Summer

July and August mean college moves, company relocations, and online car buying. This means reliable car transport service is in need with strong demand across the country. For the auto transportation industry this means steady bookings and lots of full routes.

What does this mean for you?

  • Book your car shipping service as soon as you know your schedule. The more lead time you give the carrier, the more likely you’ll get the time and price you’re looking for.
  • Be prepared for the need to shift your pickup or delivery dates. Since the season is busy, there is a chance that some routes may fill up quickly.
  • Increase your budget to get what you need. You may pay premium prices to get the shipping schedule that you need.
  • Expediated service. You may be paying premium prices for short-lead time car shipping service. During peak times, expect to pay even more.

For busy auto shipping seasons, contact your auto carrier as far in advance as possible. You get the route you want, at the time your want, at the price you want. Don’t wait. Call now to reserve your spot on the car carrier of your choice.