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Storing items in vehicle transport

Buying An Out-Of-State Used Car? How To Ship It Home

Searching for your perfect used vehicle goes way beyond the corner car lot nowadays. With online auctions, social media sales, and other long-distance offers, buying a car, truck, motorcycle or even an RV may mean that you’re the proud owner of property that is located hundred’s or even thousands of miles away.

Now it’s time to figure out how to get your new-to-you vehicle shipped home!

1. Understand the car shipping process

If you know you’ll be buying an out-of-state or across country vehicle it pays to contact a vehicle transport company to understand the options, requirements, and potential costs to ship a used car purchase.

2. Factor in shipping costs into your overall vehicle cost

The best way to keep within your vehicle buying budget is to check on shipping cost before your close the deal. Establishing a relationship with a car carrier company before purchase will eliminate surprises on shipping costs and scheduling limitations.

3. Arrange for shipping

As the buyer, you will contract with a car carrier to ship your used vehicle. Once a deposit is made and you’ve shared the location and the contact information of the seller, arrangements will be made for a pickup day and time. You will then be notified with the expected day and time of delivery.

4. Delivery

Upon delivery, you must physically inspect the vehicle before accepting the delivery. Once the inspection is complete, you will sign off, and accept the keys.

You’re now the proud owner of your new, used vehicle!

Transporting a vehicle across the country or across the state does not have to be difficult. Thousands of cars are shipped safe and sound to new owners every day. With a little due diligence, you’ll find a car carrier that meets your requirements on cost, reputation, and personal service.