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Summer Time Car Shipping – How To Get a Good Transport Quote

What do you think? Are vehicle transport costs higher in the summer? Lower in the winter? Like many businesses, supply and demand fluctuates with the seasons. And along with it, businesses can charge different rates at different times of the year. It’s the same with car shipping rates.

But what is high season for the car carrier business? Winter when the risk of bad weather and risky roads is higher? Or maybe it’s summer when more people are on the move with summer vacations and the best time to relocate. And are these changes reflected in the shipping quotes you’ll get regardless of where you’re transporting to and from?

Maybe you’ve guessed by now the answer is “it depends.”

So, for a summer time vehicle transport, what exactly does it depend on? And how can you get the best deal if you are shipping a car in June, July, or August?

Here’s a few points to be aware of:

  • Just like you, professional carrier drivers take vacation in the summer too. This means fewer open transport slots on any given summer holiday. Trying to book a car transport on the 4th of July and you’ll experience the economic rule of supply and demand with higher rates and possibly even delayed pick up and delivering schedules.
  • Summer in the U.S. is when most vacations and relocations happen. College students return home for school. New jobs, home sales and relocations spike in the summer months. Again, this means high demand for car transports. The advice is to book early to get a spot and plan on a higher rate.
  • Location, location, location. This can be tricky. Outside of the summer rush, car carrier rates are typically lower in easy to access locations on major transportation routes. But in the summer, this calculation can reverse. In the summer, demand for car shipping along major transportation routes creates a vacuum of availability. Likewise, if you’re shipping your vehicle from a major metropolitan area, you can bet that many others are also. Summer demand escalates and outpaces the availability of car carriers. The result is higher rates, lower availability and no there’s no escape from that equation.

You may not be able to avoid the reality of summertime car shipping rate increases. But knowledge is power. If you are aware of seasonal fluctuations of supply and demand, you can plan and be prepared.