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Three Wintertime Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Auto transport needs don’t go away just because the weather is cold and snowy. But the truth is, freezing rain, blizzards, subzero temperatures and more are realities that the car transportation industry must deal with. While car carrier drivers are professional and experienced, they are impacted by slow or unsafe travel conditions just like the rest of us.

If your vehicle is located or is being shipped to areas that experience challenging winter weather, there are some things to be aware of when scheduling your vehicle transport service. To keep your vehicle safe and your experience positive, there are a few mistakes you can avoid when scheduling your wintertime car shipping service:

Mistake #1 Expecting a specific service date. Car carriers are on routes that crisscross the country. Normal pickup and delivery windows can be tough to meet when dealing with winter road conditions. Bad weather means slower than normal travel times for everyone. Schedule your car transport service as far in advance as possible. Expect delays. Then hope for clear weather.

Mistake #2 A Remote Pickup or Delivery Point. Roads become hazardous and closed due to unsafe winter conditions. There is nothing the vehicle carrier can do to overcome closures and delays due to snow, ice, or subzero temperatures. One thing to consider is to arrange pickup or delivery on a major interstate route. Interstates are high priority for road clearing and can make a vehicle pickup or delivery more likely.

Mistake #3 Shipping a valuable vehicle in an open carrier. Wintertime road conditions bring increased risks. Slush, de-icing materials, ice, sleet, and snow are what your vehicle will experience if shipped in an open carrier. The risk of accidents increase as well. Consider shipping in a closed carrier for unique, antique, modified, or other high-value vehicles. Your vehicle will be protected from extreme conditions and higher risks due to wintertime road conditions.

The chance you will be satisfied with your wintertime car shipping service increases with planning and reasonable expectations. And give us a call if you have any questions we would love to share how we deal with wintertime car shipping.