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guaranteed an exact delivery

Top Car Shipping Problems: Late Vehicle Delivery

Frustrated that you can’t get a specific delivery date from a car transport company? Or maybe you expected delivery on a certain day, but it showed up two days later? Maybe it’s a reportable problem or maybe you’ve been dealing with a company that makes false promises.

Most car shippers do their best to meet delivery expectations, but delayed deliveries are a common reality in the car moving industry.


The road is filled with uncontrollable factors that can impact your car delivery:

  • Traffic jams
  • Extreme Weather
  • Detours
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Accidents

Customers late for their vehicle pickup is another issue. Your car will be one of 8 to 10 other vehicles on the auto carrier to be delivered; late customers cause a cascade of delayed delivery times for the other cars on drivers’ route. It’s just a reality of the business.

This is the reason most car transport companies will give you a 3-day delivery window. This built-in cushion will accommodate most unexpected road delays.

If you’re being guaranteed an exact delivery date with no upcharge or special conditions be wary. You may be stuck with unmet expectations and frustration.

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