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Auto Shipping Scheduling for Snowbirds and Seasonal Travelers

If you’ve spent the winter months in the south Florida, Texas, California, and every state in-between late winter is the time to schedule your car shipping back home. Spring is the busy season for auto transport for snowbirds and seasonal travelers headed north, and car carriers can get booked full quickly. Delaying your car shipping arrangements will leave you with more expensive and less flexible car transport options.

Your best chance of getting the price and the shipping schedule you’re looking for is to make your car, truck, boat, or even RV transport arrangements as far in advance as possible. The later you try to schedule a vehicle pick-up the more likely you will have to work around limited carrier schedules as routes and available spaces fill-up with other warm-weather visitors wrapping up their season.

Make the call today and get the route, schedule, and price you’re looking for to get your vehicle home safe, sound, and right when you need it.