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Why Use a Closed Carrier for Car Transport?

This is a great question considering that using enclosed transport costs more than an open car carrier… Sometimes significantly more! The simple answer is that this service gives the greatest protection and lowest damage risk for the transport of valuable vehicles. For certain situations it’s the best transport service to use.

Enclosed vehicle carriers look like a standard box truck with four solid walls surrounding vehicle racks. Vehicles are loaded in and secured for the ultimate in protection from road hazards. A closed transport is the best option for exotic, luxury, classic, antique, one-of-a-kind restorations, and custom paint jobs Ñsituations where zero-risk is the only acceptable risk.

Damage during vehicle transport is rare even for open car carriers. But the risk remains road debris, hail storms, gravel from construction trucks. The damage from a high-velocity pebble can be significant, damage that is rarely covered by cargo insurance.

So, for those situations where any risk of damage is an unacceptable risk, an enclosed carrier is the only sensible option. The peace of mind is well worth the cost.