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Car Shipping for the College Student

There’s enough going on when your child, or you, are headed cross state or cross country to a college campus. A sole, high-mileage drive is nothing to look forward to. A long-distance drive comes with plenty of potential trouble including sleepy drivers and interstate breakdowns. The solution? Hire a vehicle transportation company to do the driving for you.

The benefits:

  • Schedule a pick up early enough and you can get the delivery date of your choice
  • Zero road trouble worries no wrecks, no breakdowns, no traffic
  • Avoid travel costs of food, gas, and hotels
  • Expedited service for those last-minute vehicle shipping needs

With a college or university car delivery, there are a few things to check on before you schedule:

  • For new students, make sure your car is allowed on campus
  • Confirm that a vehicle drop off is possible on campus or off-site housing location
  • Ask about required vehicle on-campus registration requirements
  • Schedule as far in advance as possible the start of school is a busy time for car carriers so get your reservation in early.

Finally, nothing is fool-proof so make sure you, or your student, has access to other transportation in the rare case that delivery is delayed. College campuses typically have good public transportation systems or are walkable. Just do a little worst-case scenario planning.

When August rolls around, give us a call we’ll help get you settled into your school experience with one less worry. And have a wonderful year!