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Warning: Make Sure You Get What You’re Promised in the Car Transport Business

Most of us don’t transport our cars, trucks, or motorcycles across the country on a regular basis. And that means that we may not be familiar with the tricks of some in the car shipping industry tricks that could cost you time or money.

Nowadays there are lots of pop-up internet companies with no record of service, no consistent contacts, and no guarantee that they will be there if you have a problem. So how can you be a savvy consumer? How can you spot a questionable car shipping company?

One thing to be wary of is the “yes” man or woman. If you’re talking with a someone who gives you the easy answer no matter what you ask, be wary. Can I pack my car with personal items? Sure, no problem. Is there an extra charge if I have to change the pickup location? Never. If it’s too good to be true you need to take some time to make sure you’re not being rushed into pressing that ÔI agree” button before you get the full answer.

Make sure the representative answers all your questions and can supply you with written policies that confirm what they are saying. Get a full explanation of the process, the quote, your payment, and anything else that you have a question about.

You don’t ship your car everyday so it just makes good sense to ask questions, confirm the answers, and check around with other vehicle shipping companies. And don’t agree to anything until you are confident that you’re going to get exactly what you’re expecting.

Scott’s Dispatch 4-U is an independent business with years in the vehicle transport industry. Our goal is to give you the best car delivery service that’s out there. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.