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Auto Transporter

What Is An Auto Transport Dispatch Service?

The vehicle shipping industry moves cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and more from Point A to Point B. It should be done safely, efficiently, and even better, reasonably priced. Vehicle transport is made up of three pieces: the customer, the car carrier, and the dispatch service. But what does the dispatch service, otherwise known as a broker, actually do?

The short answer is that they do the behind the scenes “heavy-lifting” of sorting through industry processes so that you, the customer, will have a car carrier arrive at your door when needed, at a price that is affordable, providing a reliable, safe transportation of your vehicle.

Finding an open spot at a specific time and place on a car carrier is not that easy. So the vehicle transport, dispatch service finds these open car carrier spots and claims it for individual customers. The transport dispatch is the service that has the industry access, connections, and expertise to make moving vehicles possible for the non-expert. It does the work for you, the customer, of research, scheduling, negotiation, contracts, etc., to ensure that you’re trusting your vehicle to a transport service that is reputable, reliable, and actually has a car carrier available when and where you need it.

The dispatch service does all that and more for the customer. They bring order and efficiency to the car transport industry benefitting both the car carriers and the customers. Representing the customer, it’s your best bet for a safe, reasonably priced transport for your vehicle.