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Questions About Shipping Your Car?

Answers to Your Burning Auto Transport Questions

There’s a whole list of things you should know before you load your vehicle onto a car carrier for transport across the country. Whether it’s going to a new owner, a college campus, or even a winter home down south, your questions are reasonable when you’re putting a valuable piece of property into someone else’s hands.

Many of the most common questions are answered in our FAQ section. You’ll find quick answers to the basic questions of auto shipping there. But here are a few more questions that you may be wondering about:

I must get the car delivered on a specific day. Can this be done? Yes! For a price. Regular car shipping comes with a range of delivery dates. This is due to unavoidable delays and the need for flexibility when securing your spot on an available car carrier. But, for a price you can request expedited or guaranteed delivery dates. A good thing if you have waited until the last minute and you absolutely have to have it on a certain date.

I need a junk vehicle hauled across the state. It doesn’t run is this a problem? It’s something that most carrier services can handle at least if you’ve prepared them for it. This service may cost a little more but it ensures that the vehicle will be loaded and off loaded safely and securely. It’s a service easily provided with advance notice.

I’ve got a couple of bags of personal items, a box or two of books I’d like to load into my vehicle. Is that ok? Most car carriers will not allow this. Insurance isn’t going to cover it and there’s really no way to adequately secure it. If you stow a bag in the back and it turns up missing, the car shipping company will not be liable for it. Short answer: don’t risk it.

It’s a new car and I don’t want anyone driving it do I have any protection for this? You will record the mileage on the Bill of Lading at pick up and delivery. For most standard auto shipping jobs, there will be minimal additional mileage. Confirm this with your service before signing and understand when, who, and why your car will be driven. It may be driven only to load and unload at the pickup and drop off points. There also may be transfers to different carriers along the route which could add some minimal mileage. If you are using a remote transfer station or terminal-to-terminal shipping, expect some additional mileage for offloading and moving to storage areas. But total mileage for any of these should be minor. Anything the is otherwise is cause for a formal complaint.

Should I get extra insurance for the transport? Any car shipping company you do business must have insurance that will cover all costs if your vehicle is damaged, totaled, or even stolen during transport. You should always ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance and review your insurance for added protection.

While you may be putting your auto into the hands of a professional with a reliable reputation, it’s still your valuable property that you’re waving goodbye to! You have a right to ask a few or a lot of questions. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about how we safely and quickly transport your car, truck, vintage, one-of-a-kind or even the rusted beauty you just found!