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Car Shipping for Online Auto Auction Buys

How to Choose a Car Carrier for Vehicle Transportation

If you’ve purchased the vehicle of your dreams through a public online auto auction, congratulations! You’ve done your auction research, kept to your car buying budget, and won the bid. From Mannheim to Co-Part online auto auctions, buying your vehicle is just one part of the process. Now you need to get it shipped to its new home.

Online auto auctions have cars located on lots and warehouses throughout the country. In most cases you won’t be able to take a short drive and pick it up. But, with the location information, you can arrange for pickup and delivery of your new purchase with the auto carrier service of your choice. Experienced car shipping services can pickup multiple orders at an auto auction warehouse making it convenient and cost effective for them and for you.

A few things to consider when making your car transport arrangements:

Request door-to-door delivery to have your car delivered to directly to you.

Choose a lot or warehouse location if your location is not accessible to a car carrier.

Open carrier service is the most common, budget-friendly, and most easy to schedule.

Closed carrier service is always possible, but it will cost more and may take longer to get on the schedule.

Most auto auctions have a maximum hold time for car purchases; exceed that and you’ll start racking up storage charges.

Using an independent auto shipping broker with access to car carriers throughout the country gives you access to open carriers, closed carriers, and flatbeds on the maximum number of routes. An experienced auto carrier broker will also know the paperwork and the approvals you’ll need to legally get your vehicle out of the auction house and to you whether it’s a private household or a commercial dealer lot.

Make the right choice with your auto transport and you will have the car of your dreams on budget and on time.