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Scotts Auto Carrier

Snowbirds Flocking Home? Ship Your Cars This Time!

If you’re a retiree or even a seasonal worker planning for the trip back north at the end of winter, you’ve got a few options for getting your vehicle back home. Some people make the drive themselves. Some hire others to drive their vehicles for them. But all things considered, the safest, most secure, worry-free solution just may be to transport your vehicle on a car carrier.

Shipping your car, truck, or even your motorcycle gets your property off the road and loaded onto a secure location for the entire trip. It also eliminates mileage load on your odometer and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Getting you out of the driver’s seat also means no weary travelers, tired hotels, traffic, or road rage. And with the volume of car shipping from the sunbelt, southern states, and the west coast to the Midwest and beyond, you can book a spot at a rate and on a schedule that is perfect for you.

Maybe it’s time to give it a try? Call us for a free quote.