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Enclosed car carriers look just like a regular box trailer.

Enclosed or Open Car Carrier – Which is Best for Your Car Shipping Needs?

You’ve probably seen open car carriers on the interstate loaded down with two decks full of cars. Open transport is the most common vehicle shipping method of transporting vehicles from state-to-state or across the country. But did you know there’s another car carrier option?

It’s called Enclosed Car Shipping or Closed Carrier Car Transport. And you would never notice them on the highway because they look just like a regular box trailer there is no hint that inside you would find a luxury sports car, a precious historical vehicle, or even a regular old truck deeply prized for the memories it carries.

Which should you choose? Know this:

  • Enclosed car shipping costs more but secures your vehicle against all damages from the weather, the road, or vandalism.
  • Open car shipping service is less expensive, readily available, but your vehicle will be exposed to weather and the rare but possible road hazard or vandalism.

The other thing to consider is that scheduling an open carrier will be easier as there are more available to load your vehicle. With an enclosed carrier, you’ll most likely need a longer lead time to ensure you can schedule your auto-pickup and delivery when and where you want it.

Give us a call, and we’ll answer any question you have about the car shipping business. We’re experienced, in it for the long-haul, and dedicated to giving you the service you expect.