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Vehicle Transport

Where Is My Car? Don’t Panic Just Yet…

You’re moving so you hired a vehicle transport company. A few weeks ago you watched as your vehicle was loaded onto a car carrier. You prepped it, took pictures, signed papers, shook hands, and then waved goodbye.

You’re starting to panic as the expected delivery date just came and went with no sign of your vehicle.

Unless you paid a premium, vehicle delivery dates are usually stated as a range over two to three days. Why? Because there are many uncontrollable impacts along the delivery route (such as unexpected road detours). Make sure you understand this “delivery window” before you sign on the bottom line.

When it does arrive, there’s always a chance that your vehicle may not be delivered to your door as expected even if you have selected “door-to-door” delivery. Again, there are many uncontrollable situations that may be the cause such as:

The streets leading to your home may be too narrow for the large transport truck to safely maneuver.

The streets leading to your home have low-hanging trees, speed humps, or tight turns.

There may be local restrictions that prevent large delivery trucks on your neighborhoods streets.

The driver is doing his or her best to get it to you safely and unharmed and will let you know if he/she has to relocate delivery to the closest large parking area.

To avoid panic altogether, hire a professional and responsible vehicle transport broker who will stay with you every step of the way. A cheap online broker may have convinced you to sign with them using their approved sales script, but this is usually not a person invested in your satisfaction or even capable of responding to any specific situation that may crop up throughout the transport cycle.

Scott’s Dispatch 4-U offers real personal, accessible service at a great price. We are not a phone bank. Rest assured, we’ll give you answers any time you have questions, get nervous, need to know where your property is, or if you have a more serious concern. Give us a call and we’ll get your vehicle where it needs to go, panic free!