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Choosing to hire a vehicle transport company that is established, respected, and transparent is key to car shipping with confidence.

Car Shipping With Confidence

It’s not every day that you load your vehicle onto a transport truck and wave goodbye. Who wouldn’t be at least a little concerned? How do you confidently ship your car, truck or motorcycle so that it ends up at the right place and time and in the same condition you left it in?

Choosing to hire a vehicle transport company that is established, respected, and transparent is the most important part of this, but there are things you can do to be prepared for this temporary transfer of your property. Take to heart the following words:

Preparation, Patience, and Communication

Always confirm your pickup date, time and location. This is step one to a successful pickup.

Agree upon payment method and get a very clear understanding of it. Know whether it’s payment in full upon delivery or if there is a down payment with a balance due upon delivery before the pickup date.

Review this Vehicle Prep list and stick to it. This is critical for a smooth pickup.

Inspect your vehicle prior to loading. Do a walk-around with the driver and note any damages and overall conditions. Your vehicle’s condition cosmetic, undercarriage, and running condition should be confirmed and noted on the Bill of Lading. Also, note the mileage on the odometer. The Bill of Lading is your evidence of condition upon receipt, critical if anything goes wrong during transport.  It is critical that all information on the Bill of Lading is accurate!

Stay until your vehicle is loaded and secure. Document with pictures.

Get copies of all documents.

Take your contract, camera, phone and flashlight (for nighttime inspections) with you when your vehicle is delivered.

Of course, key to car shipping with confidence is hiring a professional vehicle transportation partner that is transparent and available to answer questions. Independently owned auto transport companies (such as Scott’s Auto Transport) usually deal with you personally so you won’t be talking to some random customer service rep that you have to start all over with every time you call.

Whoever you choose to ship your car, make sure they are ready, willing, and able to answer all of your questions, track your vehicle and help you at every point along the way to a successful delivery.