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Shipping your car or truck on a car carrier is a popular, professional and budget-conscious choice.

Moving? The Benefits of Car Shipping

Moving to a New City? Shipping Your Car with a Vehicle Transport Company is Safe, Easy, and Stress-Free!

Moving to a new place, across the country or just across the state is exciting. It can also be stressful. There are so many things to take care of and the checklist is long and overwhelming. One thing to deal with that may be new to you is how to get your vehicle to your new location.

You could pack your car full of suitcases, plants, and books and drive it yourself. At first blush this seems like a money saver. Maybe, but maybe not. Factor in the cost of gas, wear-and-tear on your vehicle, and what putting all those miles on your vehicle will do to its value and the calculation may be closer than you thought. And don’t you have better things to do?

You could also consider hiring a driver to get your car or truck to its final destination. But that too costs money and it takes a bit of trust. It’s just a strange feeling to see someone you just met drive off in your car for a road trip full of interstate miles and sideroad potholes. And the miles will still add up, driving down the value or your property and increasing the wear-and-tear.

So, what’s another option? One that protects your property and frees you up to take care of the thousand other tasks on your moving to-do list?

Consider a vehicle transport company. Shipping your car or truck on a car carrier is a popular, professional and budget-conscious choice. The car carrier comes to you, vehicles are inspected, loaded, and secured, and the transport sets off on a schedule that will have your car at the door of your new location safe, secure, and just as you left it.

Using the car carrier transportation option also allows you to customize your service. Pick and choose your pickup and delivery dates and times, arrange locations that meet your needs, choose an enclosed transport carrier for the ultimate protection or go the regular route with an open carrier. And if you’re in a rush you can arrange for expedited service.

When you add it all up, hiring a vehicle transportation company can save you time, money, and take a lot of worry off your mind.